Monday, February 16, 2009


  1. 2−3人のグループをつくってください。
  2. 5月にみなさんのブログとグループのブログを クラスメートと先生とTAが ひょうか(evaluation)します。どんなカテゴリーでひょうかしますか?グループではなしてください。
  3. 1のカテゴリーをメモして、グループのリーダーは今日のよる うちにかえってから、このブログのコメントらん(column)にかいてください。(グループリーダーの人はわすれないでください!)


tatakimasu said...

Hunter-san, Jason-san, and Jeff-san think that a community blog should have the following characteristics:

All of the posts that the members make need to be relevant to the main theme of the blog. For example, the video game blog's posts should be all about video games. (not movies, anime, bikes)

Each member of the group should have a fairly equal amount of posts. One member shouldn't have many more posts than the other group members.

The blog should be updated fairly often (at least once a week).

That is all. Thanks!

Six said...

Our group, consisting of me (Six), Jesse, Ryan and Johnny believe that a blog should not only be about words, but also about how well it uses multimedia: pictures and video especially.

We are not just looking for the number of videos or pictures, but their quality, their relevance, and how well they are integrated with the rest of the blog post.

デ-ビツドのブログ said...

David-san and Jeremy-san believe that the community blogs should be evaluated based upon the following criteria:
(1) Posts should be relevant to the theme of the blog.
(2) Each post should be interesting, entertaining and informative.
(3) Posts should be composed in grammatically correct Japanese.
(4) The blog should be regularly updated.

Harry Schl said...



3)どう見えますか?(How does it look)


Kyul Ko said...

Tennis blog group

We came up with some criterion for evaluation.

1. Appropriate use of Japanese language

2. Regular update and relevancy of the material

3. Good use of multimedia (video, picture, etc.)

4. Up-to-date information for the particular topic (e.g. tennis with on going season news)

Hyeran Hong said...


Our group(Hyeran and Wayne) think the blog should be evaluated based upon followingthose 4 categories..

1.Photo and Video clip
3.Grammar and spelling
4.Creativity of the content

By Hyeran and Wayne

Lynne said...

Evaluation categories by Barry, Boyanton-san and David-san are:


grammatical complexity;

diverse vocabulary; and

media variety.

smileyemily said...

Archie-san, Vasilis-san, and Emily-san think that the community blog should be evaluated based on the following criteria:
1)The frequency of the posting
2)The layout of the blog
3)The content of the posts
4)The use of pictures, videos and music, etc

夏の日 said...

Xiong San, Yu san, Yanli San thinks that a good community blog should have the following standards:

1. The blog must be written in Japanese with few grammatical mistakes and accessible to first-year Japanese students.

2. The blog posts interesting pictures and includes the use of visual materials.

3. Frequent updates are a must.

4. All blog members must participate and post their discoveries and share comments.

5. It'd be great if the blog attracts a community outside their blog memebers and in other Japanese classes.

danielle said...

Should be evaluated by looking at the overall quality of interesting ideas and visuals.

should be friendly and easy to read, not with so much kanji we have not learned!phy

John Smith said...

My group said that a blog should be easy to read but use current vocabulary and grammar structures. So, complicated enough to convey their points, but not to the degree of being incomprehensible.

Tara said...

Pounder-san and Tara-san believe the blogs should exhibit the following characteristics:
1. The blogger attempts to always use the correct Japanese vocabulary, grammar points, and verb tense.
2.Uses recent grammar points when appropriate.
3.Is engaging and a pleasure to read.
4.Uses photos or other eye-catching, creative ideas.

Japanese Music said...

Our Group, consisting of me (Tracy), Jane, Jin in, and Duran beleived that a blog should have an introduction, factual information, and own opinions and conclusions along with pictures and other media

タイラ ハルピンーヒリ said...

Greg, Pei, and Ty's criteria:

-Weekly posts
-Pleasant formatting (aesthetically pleasing)
-Documentation of research and experience pertaining to the blog subject
-About equal posting by all members
-Decent Japanese

suzieeee said...

Sabine and I(Suzie) think that a community blog should do the following:
1.have aesthetic appeal
2.not just state facts, but our own opinions
3.if relevant, include pictures and video clips
4. frequency of posting(1posting per member per week as time allows) little kanji as possible to make it easier to read for others
6.frequency of posting
7.provide new and interesting information related to our blog theme


Li Zhang said...

Brian, David and Li believe that a good blog should be:

1. Grammatically correct;
2. Multimedia (pictures, videos,etc);
3. Interesting in contents;
4. of reasonable length;
5. Consistent with the theme of the blog;
6. Equal contribution by each member;

Lindsey said...

Lindsey, Stephanie, and Asad

Here are our blog evaluation criteria:

1. Aesthetics: blogs should be visually engaging (color scheme, clarity of title/purpose, multimedia use, clarity of font), and uncluttered.

2. Content: Content should be relevant to the group's theme and insightful/informational. Posts should be moderate in length.

3. Language: Posts should be written in grammatically accurate Japanese, without using Kanji and vocabulary we have not learned in class. If new kanji/vocab are used, they should be accompanied by an English transliteration in parentheses.

Lastly, blogs should be updated relatively frequently (about once a week).