Friday, February 20, 2009

ブログのひょうかカテゴリー (Blog Evaluation Categories)


1. ことば (Language)

correct grammar, grammatical complexity, appropriate use of Japanese, spelling, diverse vocabulary, recent grammar and vocabulary

2. ないよう (Content)
pictures, video, music (quality, their relevance, and how well they are integrated with the rest of the blog post), clarity of title/purpose, reasonable length, interesting, entertaining, informative, up-to-date information, creative, imaginative, , pleasure to read, have an introduction, factual information, own opinions and conclusions, documentation of research and experience, relevant to the main theme

3. デザイン
aesthetically pleasing formatting, color scheme, clarity of font, eye-catching

4. コミュニケーション
blog attracts a community outside their blog members and in other Japanese classes, engaging, friendly

5. おもいやり (Consideration)
new kanji/vocab with an English transliteration in parentheses (as little kanji as possible?), accessible to first-year Japanese students

6. チームワーク
member of the group should have a fairly equal amount of posts, share comments, updated fairly often (at least once a week), enthusiasm?