Friday, January 23, 2009


This semester, you will have opportunities to discuss your interests through this project.


Looking at your own interests,

  • Consult not only your own group members, but students from other colleges and others who understand Japanese,
And do as much as possible of the following:
  1. Gather new information/opinions.
  2. Offer new information/state your own opinion.
  3. Exchange opinions.
* Use not only Japanese but include color, layout, gestures and sound (include media like pictures, music, and video, etc.)

  1. Start a community with ( 2 or more people) that share your interest (Examples of topics: Anime, music, martial arts, restaurants, travel, Chinese study).
  2. Make a community blog (a link to the community blog will be posted on the class blog. Please post links to individual group members’ blogs on the community blog. Therefore, class blog > community blog > individual blog).
  3. Group members must manage the group blog together. (Decide how to best manage the group blog together).
* You can individually join 2-3 groups, however, (occasionally in class we will break into the community groups for class discussions), so, please decide on a main community group.

* There will be an opportunity to make a new group, join another group, invite a new member to join your group, or change your group twice during the semester.

  • At the end of the term we will evaluate how much new information/opinions you were able to gather, and how much new information/opinions you were able to offer in your individual and group blogs. There will be individual, teacher and classmate evaluations of both your individual and group blogs.
  • We will decide on the evaluation categories together next week.