Tuesday, December 2, 2008


きょうのアクティビティです。There are 4 activities. If you do not finish within class time please finish at home. Use your time effectively!

Today’s activities are all individual work.

1. Evaluation of the podcasts (30 minutes)

  • Go to the podcast folder in the Courseworks folder and download the file, “Podcast Evaluation Form.”
  • Read the goals, audience, and evaluation categories shown below.
  • Watch 3 podcasts listed below your own podcast AND your podcast
  • Evaluate them and type comments. Make sure to write at least one sentence in Japanese.
  • Send your evaluation forms to your instructor via e-mail. (Sato: ss903, Hamada: hh2373, Nazikian: fn2108)

• You will have the chance to actively express your opinions to a real Japanese audience by using Japanese language and other modalities (tone of your voice, body language, pictures, color, font, etc.)
• You will have the chance to consider first-hand how big media operates and presents information

• The worldwide audience of Japanese-speakers interested in New York, Columbia University, or life at an American university - and also your classmates, of course

Evaluation Categories
1. Language:
Grammar, Vocabulary, Accurate, Correctness
2. Content:
Creative, Original, Interesting, Entertaining, Fun, Funny, Enjoyable, Humor, Informative, Effective Use of Music/Sound/graphics, Quality over Quantity.
3. Presentation:
Adequate speed, Coherent, Clear (topic and direction), Natural.
4. Consideration:
Appropriate/relevant to the audience, Adequate length (Not too long unless it's REALLY interesting), Engaging, Good Transition, Proper editing, Coherence.
5. Goal/Purpose/Idea
6. Effort
7. Openness to Others' Comment

2. Check the comments made on your own blog, as well as if others have/have not responded to comments that you made on their blogs. (15 minutes)

  • Read the comments made by you and your classmates on Tuesday, November 18, 2008 regarding your communication with others in blogging. (Click here to see the comments)
  • If you didn’t make comments regarding your communication with others in blogging last time, find someone who didn’t do that and make comments with them. (Instruction is here at #2)
  • Keeping these comments in your mind, check the comments that others have made on your blog, as well as check if others have responded to comments that you have made on their blogs.
  • If you think it is necessary, respond to any questions or comments.
  • Record where you have commented on your comment sheet so you know where you have commented.

3. Write in your own blog. (10 minutes)

  • Write in your blog in Japanese.
  • The topic can be anything. If you don’t have any ideas, write about what you did during your Thanksgiving break. Use the grammar points from lesson 13 (~がほしいです・~がしたいです・~へ~にいきます) if you can.

4. Course Evaluation (10 minutes)

  • Go to the Courseworks, first year Japanese, and then Evaluation.
  • Evaluate this Japanese class. Please write as much as possible so that we can improve our Japanese classes for students who will be studying Japanese at Columbia.

5. Think of questions for Jeopardy. (If you have extra time)