Tuesday, November 18, 2008


きょうのアクティビティです。There are 4 activities. If you do not finish within class time please finish at home. Use your time effectively!

1. Watch the podcast movies of other groups and comment. (30 minutes)

This is individual work.

  • Go to the podcast folder under the shared “Courseworks” folder.
  • Watch the podcast movies (or script).
  • Keeping the goals, audience, and evaluation categories in your mind, comment in English (Include at least one sentence in Japanese).

• You will have the chance to actively express your opinions to a real Japanese audience by using Japanese language and other modalities (tone of your voice, body language, pictures, color, font etc.)
• You will have the chance to consider first-hand how big media operates and presents information

• The worldwide audience of Japanese-speakers interested in New York, Columbia University, or life at an American university - and also your classmates, of course

Evaluation Categories
1. Language:
Grammar, Vocabulary, Accurate, Correctness
2. Content:
Creative, Original, Interesting, Entertaining, Fun, Funny, Enjoyable, Humor, Informative, Effective Use of Music/Sound/graphics, Quality over Quantity.
3. Presentation:
Adequate speed, Coherent, Clear (topic and direction), Natural.
4. Consideration:
Appropriate/relevant to the audience, Adequate length (Not too long unless it's REALLY interesting), Engaging, Good Transition, Proper editing, Coherence.
5. Goal/Purpose/Idea
6. Effort
7. Openness to Others' Comments

2. Think about your communication with others in blogging (15min)

Make a group of 2-3. Discuss below questions with your group members. Write your answers by commenting on this post. (Don’t forget to write your names!)
  • Look at your past communication exchanges and examine how much you could continue communicating with the people whose blogs you made comments and from whom you received comments.
  1. If your communication did not last long, why didn’t that communication last? How can you make it longer?
  2. If your communication has lasted, why do you think it lasted? Are there different ways to keep the communication going?

3. Check the comments made on your own blog, as well as if others have/have not responded to comments that you made on their blogs. (10 minutes)

This is individual work.
  • Keeping your answers of 2 in mind, check the comments that others have made on your blog, as well as check if others have responded to comments that you have made on their blogs.
  • If you think it is necessary, respond to any questions or comments.
  • Record where you have commented on your comment sheet so you know where you have commented.

4. Write in your own blog. (10 minutes)
  • Write in your blog in Japanese.
  • The topic can be anything. If you don’t have any ideas write about what you did during the long weekend (Nov. 1-4) and how it was. Use counters if you can.


DivvyK said...
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いちねんせい said...

Jeremy, Emily, Yanli:

Respond quickly to responses (keep track of blogs you commented on). Read the blogs on a frequent basis. Be nice in your comments and try to make friends.

brian said...
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brian said...

I got two interesting comments from student in Japan, but they don't have their own blogs, so I can't respond.

In the beginning, I couldn't write anything interesting anyway, but now maybe I can say something interesting.

julia said...

The exchange lasted when you have common interests and actively read their blog and comment on it and they read yours and comment as well. My main exchanges are about anime and that has kept the same people coming back to my blog.

You have to keep writing though, otherwise people will have nothing to comment on.

-Julia, Andrea

Tara said...

Communication tends to last longer when you have common interests and are able to communicate in several languages depending on their responses (if they answer in kanji it makes it difficult to know if you are getting the translation correct and responding accordingly). Also, sometimes the people never respond back to you. It would be better to check their blogs more often because sometimes you will see much later that they made a response.

-Tian, Katy, and Tara

Chris Marconi said...

Continued communication between bloggers depends on their mutual interest in each other's comments and their dedication to post frequently. Someone will not want to continue communication with you if you take weeks to respond to a post. Keeping your posts interesting and frequent will help. It all comes down to if you are actually interested in what the other person has to say. If there is no interest, communication will most likely not continue.

-Chris Marconi

Sam said...

It's difficult to keep track of where you've commented in the past, and commenting people back is not so simple. For these reasons, a good deal of our communication has failed over time. However, some of our communication amongst classmates has lasted. This is likely because we feel more comfortable with people we know and see daily, and we are more likely to look for their blogs over, say, the blog of someone from another country.

tatakimasu said...

Make sure you post on the right persons blog. If you have something in common with that person, comment about it so that you can continue to talk about that particular thing. Also, it takes effort on behalf of both people. You need to post on your own blog and check the other persons blog so that you can continue to discover and talk about things you both find interesting. And don't be shy, be outgoing!

tatakimasu said...


This above comment was done by:


Raphael-san said...

Posting regularly always helps to encourage communication. More importantly, you have to say something that is interesting but also something that warrants a response that isn't forced! It helps if the two parties have a shared interest...

In our case (knowing little Japanese) it is important to make posts easily understandable. This encourages the other blogger to respond as they are not intimidated by unknown kanji etc.

-James, Aliko, Christian

Because cats are cute... said...

It is basically about time commitment and obviously blogging is not one of people's top priorities. However.. it is for us.

-tracy, greg, david, pei

タイラ ハルピンーヒリ said...

I think the communications have been cut short simply because of our limited knowledge of the Japanese language. Most of the comments I read and write are very final, they leave little room for expansion. I just keep getting random people posting on my blog.

おちゃのみます said...

I keep in touch with them pretty well. Mainly, I think I usually respond their message right away. And Also, I like their blog, so I often go back to check theirs as well.

joon said...

Blog visiting is usually made in the situation that one doesn’t know others. Thus, interesting theme and organization is most important. Actually, there were much more comments on more interesting pictures in my blog…….To last communication, most important things are frequent checking blog and kind responding. If one doesn’t show some interesting reaction on some comments, newly made communication will be ended.

Ho(Joon Hur)

Kazekage073 said...
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Kazekage073 said...

It is difficult to communicate when each student has so much to worry about, such as work, academics, extracurriculars, family, and friends. Therefore, blogging often becomes infrequent. Communication among classmates usually lasts because we know them in person, however, if communication is not kept up with students from other universities, that communication can be lost.

- Ryan, In Sang, Miyojo, Marifel

Lisa said...

I think it just about matter of time and what was their reason to start a blog.

vch2115 said...

I was able to keep in touch with a couple of people whose blogs I've commented on. I think it's just because we'd keep commenting back and forth, so every time I'd check my comments, I'd write back to them.

アーチ said...

I think the communications are cut short because it is hard to translate what is on our minds into japanese, and vice versa for a Japanese person to translate their thoughts to English.


chongqingshenglin said...

Many of my exchanges with others were cut short because of, 1. my limited knowledge of Japanese language and 2, I had to admit, the limited time I've devoted to it because of the three different language classes I'm taking this semester. My blog in our class, in fact, is the first blog I've ever had. Previously, because I was never good at computers, I sort of keeping away from activities that has to do with it and never thought I'd ever open one blog of my own. Nevertheless, I've found that when it comes to language studying, the idea of blogging was very useful and helpful. By keeping back to your own blog and writing and communicating in Japanese really helps refreshing the memory and review the class material. For next semester, when I don't have to take three language classes at once, hopefully I'll have more time to improve my blog.

chongqingshenglin said...

Xia & cao

Michi said...

There were a couple students from other schools that commented on my blog. I found it difficult to keep up a conversation with them, though. The blogging did not last long.

Isetan said...

To keep blogging going, I think it is important to keep writing short entries, even if it is hard to think of a topic.

If communication stops, I think it is largely due to (at this point in our language study) 1) limited grammar and vocabulary 2) discomfort with using unfamiliar language to express personal entries, which is what makes blogging interesting.

Sandy A. said...

Most of the time its difficult expressing anything other than very general comments because I know/understand so few Japanese words. Blogging, reading, commenting on others' blogs always takes much longer than I think it will. Also, by the time you write a comment on someone's blog and that gets read an responded to I have already forgotten what the conversation was about.

-Sandy Arias

Sandy A. said...

I also think a good way to keep conversations going is to check the status of comments regularly and not just when we are assigned activities. Blogging in English is very helpful.

-Sandy A.

Lynne said...

I have read all the foreign blogs, but don't have the time to comment, except for one from a japanese student who responded to my comment on the enka post by Sato Sensei.