Wednesday, November 5, 2008


きょうのアクティビティです。If you do not finish within class time please finish at home. Use your time effectively!

1. Read the plans of other groups’ podcast projects and please comment. (25 minutes)

Form groups of 2-3 people.

  • In the Courseworks shared folder there is a podcast file. Within this podcast file there is a folder for each group. Open the folders of other groups and download their podcast proposals.
  • Read the project proposals as a group.
  • Re-read the evaluation categories for the podcast project and make sure you are aware of the evaluation criteria.
  • Thinking of the evaluation criteria, try to be as critical as possible in commenting on other groups’ project plans. Include concrete ideas and suggestions on improvements that they can make. (Do not forget to write your names.)
  • Upload your typed comments into the groups’ folder.
2. Check the comments made on your own blog, as well as if others have/have not responded to comments that you made on their blogs. (10 minutes)
  • Check the comments that others have made on your blog, as well as check if others have responded to comments that you have made on their blogs.
  • If you think it is necessary, respond to any questions or comments.
  • Record where you have commented on your comment sheet so you know where you have commented.
3. Comment on blogs of other sections, or blogs of other university students (at least 3). (15 minutes)
  • To go to the blogs of students in other countries or other universities, click on the “Let’s make friends” project link on the right-hand side of the page. On this page, you can click on outside university school links under “にほんごいちねんんせい”.
  • Read the blogs, and if you want to be friends, please comment. Try hard to keep up the communication.
  • Note on your comment sheet where you commented. Submit the comment sheet at the end of the class.
4. Write in your own blog. (15 minutes)
  • Write in your blog in Japanese.
  • The topic can be anything, if you don’t have any ideas write about where you are from, or write about your favorite place and what things make it your favorite.


gomashio said...


実は京都アメリカ大学コンソーシアムで、留学生に日本語を教えられている深井先生から、さとう先生のブログを紹介させていただきました。また、以前に「にほんご はじめのいっぽ」というブログも拝見させていただいたことがあります。






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