Monday, October 6, 2008

Blog Project Evauation Catogories

1. Language:
Grammar, Vocabulary,Well-written, Well-organized, Easy to read, Clear, Concise

2. Content:
Culture, Pictures, Videos, Music, Literature,
Interesting, Informative, Variety, Shows personality, Enjoyable, Original, Unique, Different, Coherent, Write your own experience,

3. Layout:
Color(ful), Visually pleasant, Original, Pretty

4. Communication:
Interaction with other people, Engaging, Leave Comments, Reacting Comments, Links to other's blogs, Use emoticons

5. Consideration:
Level of Language, Word Definition, Kanji, English/Japanese ratio

6. Update Regulary


はやぶさ said...

For a blog to better than the average blog it must: be humorous, use multiple formats of media, use whichever language correctly, and be posted on a regular basis.

Catalina said...

せんせいー。ー いつもストーカーのようにブログを見ているが, いつもブログが本当にきれいなようです!

Mei Li Zhou said...

I think the evaluation and criteria for the blog are good and straight to the point. I think these are criteria that all of us are able to meet without any problem. Another thing I was to add is to raise a question at the end of the post so that others can make a more direct comment and continue a flow of a discussion. The next post could be a response to people's comments and it will make things interesting if a person stick to a certain topic.

Hamada sensei, to respond to your comments about my blog. I went to Boston by chinatown bus and I work as a babysitter. I don't know the vocabulary for that so I search it online and kimori is the one that matches it. What is the japanese word for babysitter?