Saturday, October 18, 2008

みんなといっしょに ごはんを たべませんか?

Would you like to eat with your classmates in class? We are going to order food from a restaurant listed below. Please vote for one restaurant and tell us why you prefer that restaurant by October 31st (F). You can see the menu by clicking the restaurant's name. The date of having the food will be announced later.

Ajanta Indian Restaurant (PDF)
Cafe Nana (kosher) (PDF)
Cafe Nana Catering Menu (kosher) (PDF)
Caffe Swish (PDF)
Columbia Cottage (PDF)
Earthen Oven Cuisine of India (PDF)
Faculty House
Famous Famiglia (PDF)
Havana Central (PDF)
Havana Central Catering Menu (PDF)
Indus Valley Cuisine of India (PDF)
Milano Market (PDF)
The Mill Korean Restaurant (PDF)
Saigon Grill Vietnamese Cooking (PDF)


solo86 said...

Columbia Cottage. おいしいですが、やすいです。

brian said...


Junichiro Koizumi said...

I vote for Saigon grill. PHOがだいすきです!

Stephanie said...

First choice: Saigon
Second choice: Havana


Raphael-san said...

Caffe Swish ですよ。Caffe Swishのたべものはとてもおいしいです。日本のたべものです。While the other restaurants have Asian food Caffe Swish is the most Japanese which makes sense for our class!

おちゃのみます said...

Saigon Grill

パク said...

SAIGON GRILLはおいしいですが、たすいです。

Katy Marshall said...

Saigon Grill or Cafe Swish!

Lynne said...

caffe swish おねいがいします。にほんのたべものがだいすいです。
バリー (にほんおがくせい)。