Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Activities on September 11th

Today, please complete exercises 1-4. (If you do not finish in class please finish at home). Those who have time please complete exercise 5 as well.

1. About the Blog Project

  • We will start a blog project today. First, start by reading the post titled “blog project”, which illustrates the purpose of this project. Scroll all the way down and you will see the entry titled “blog project”.

2. The Development of the Blog
  1. On this page, if you scroll down you will see the post titled: “How to Open a Blog Account.” Please read this and develop your blog. If you have any questions, please ask a nearby classmate any questions first, before asking the instructor.
  2. Once you have started your blog please send the blog’s URL address to your instructor. (Sato: ss903@, Hamada: hh2373@, Nazikian: fn2108@).

3. Write a Self-Introduction in Japanese
  1. In hiragana, please write the first draft of your self-introduction. (Please do not publish it online yet). For those who do not want to use their real names, it is also fine to use a pseudonym. For those who do not know how to type in Japanese, please click on the “Japanese and Computer” link on the right-hand side of this page. If after reading the information you still have questions please first ask a classmate before asking the instructor.
  2. After writing your self-introduction, form groups of 2-3 students to peer edit your self-introduction. (Is your hiragana written correctly?) *If the hiragana appears too small on the page and is difficult to read, Apple users press the “Apple/command” key and the “+ “key together, (PC users press the “Control” key instead of the “Apple/command” key) and the characters will get larger.
  3. After everyone in the group has read and corrected each others’ self-introductions, click “publish post” which then allows your post to be published.
4. Post in English (or your native language)
  • Please write in English (or your native language) about why you chose to study Japanese, also include what you are excited about, and you find difficult after your first 2 weeks of class.
*If you use a translating site (links are to the right), then everyone can read it so it does not have to be in English!

5. Comment
  1. Please comment on your classmate’s blogs.
  2. Please comment on the blogs of your fellow first year international classmates (from Malaysia and France).